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Arboriculture can be defined as the cultivation and management of amenity trees to produce the best specimens for predominantly aesthetical, cultural, or educational purposes, as well as for reasons of food and shelter. Whereas Silviculture (forestry) is the production of timber.

In order to produce the best trees in any given location good arboricultural advice is important from planting, to formative pruning, to the care of ancient or veteran trees. Get the right advice for species to plant, for the local soil type, for the desired long term effect and purpose of any new planting, and what any future management might be required.

Tree planting is a medium to long term investment for the future landscape. The ideal management & care of trees is to give them the best possible long term outcome, however, this has to be weighed with their proximity to people and our built environment. When trees are too big, or too close to houses, roads, drains, driveways and greenhouses they may need some pruning. If your garden is small, a large tree might require some attention.

Based in central Somerset Arbortech PTS Ltd host a team of experienced tree surgeons with the necessary training and insurance to carry out your tree work to the highest standards.

The kinds of tree work undertaken by us include but are not limited to:

Crown Reduction work to reduce the crown of a tree to improve its overall shape, balance and safety.

Crown Lifting or Raising to remove / reduce the lower branches to enhance the light & access beneath.

Crown Thinning or Cleaning to remove any significant crossing, rubbing or unnecessarily thick branch or foliage growth.

Deadwood Removal is the removal of any dead, damaged, diseased or disordered material.

Cable Bracing is the modern equivalent is Cobra non-invasive (nylon) bracing, to tie specific branches or stems together to help prevent fracture. This is often done in association with weight reduction work.

Pollarding is the traditional management technique especially for willow trees and many street trees.

Tree Inspection to ascertain the overall wellbeing of individual trees. Can either be carried out from ground level observation, or a Climbing Inspection; to identify any safety issues, e.g.; evidence of any fungal decay, old wounds or the extent of cavities, or note any historic structural / branch damage.

Tree Surveys are the inspection of numerous trees in a given geographical location, usually the results produce a; Tree Report which identifies and records any trees in question in a legal document providing the owner with management advice and outlines the potential risk analysis and recommendations. A tree survey can also include the possibility of root related issues, subsidence, cracking walls or paved areas.

If you require any further information please email: andrew@arbortech.org.uk or call: 01460 281611.

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